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Best Earlobe Repair Treatment in Varanasi

Accounts of ear prosthesis to change a missing out on an ear date back centuries. Hearing prostheses are made with unique clinical quality silicone rubber with shape and shade tailored to every individual. These ear prostheses can contribute to many individuals’ remediation of functional, cosmetic, and mental normality. Our expert ear prosthesis panel works according to industry standards to offer the best ear prosthesis appearances to the patients.

What Is An Ear Prosthesis?

An ear prosthesis is an ear rehabilitation alternative for patients detected with congenital deformities and added congenital disabilities, like Treacher Collins, etc. These ear prostheses also benefit patients who have experienced a painful injury in the past or been under auriculectomy for any disorder. Our licensed cosmetic surgeons can make a substantially life-like prosthesis of the ear to mirror the attributes of the various other healthy and typical balanced ears of the individual.

Ear Prosthesis Advantages

Ear prostheses have numerous advantages for individuals with missing ears or those who do not desire to get another complicated surgical treatment for reconstruction of the ear using cells. Complying with are some of these advantages to think about:


  • The artificial ear can be created with a very realistic appearance.
  • Patients have the support of our professional, a prosthetist or anaplastologist at The Esthetic Clinics in India.
  • Ear prosthesis in India is the most straightforward approach to molding a fabricated ear similar to the initial. Furthermore, with minimal dangers, the surgical rehabilitation of the ear uses rib cartilage material.
  • This offers extra hope to people not ready for medical recovery of the ear.

Ear prosthesis can be slept in occasionally, and an individual can swim with the prosthesis. However, this will undoubtedly cause the ear to gradually break down a little faster.

FAQ on Earlobe Repair

Instead of a scalpel, which causes significant blood loss during the surgical procedure along with post-operative blog swelling and bruising, he uses a high-frequency radio wave medical tool called the Ellman.

The Ellman device can fix stretched and torn earlobes with minimal bleeding during the surgical procedure and minimal blog post-operative swelling and wounding.

All your earlobe repair work is executed with a sterilized method utilizing local anesthesia.

Stitches put throughout the treatment are removed in the office after two weeks. Many individuals can have their ears re-pierced after week six.

The procedure on one ear wattle takes approximately 20 to half an hour to complete. Generally, a potent topical cream is put on the earlobe for around 5 mins before the injection of the local anesthetic.

Complications are occasional with earlobe repair services. The most typical issues seen, although uncommon, are a clinically depressed straight scar and substandard notching of the lobe. These problems can be conveniently repaired by Dr. Shailesh using an additional device called a carbon dioxide laser.