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Safe & Effective Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

Stretch marks or striae, referred to in dermatology, are skin scars that generally resemble great lines with ridges, practically like imprints occasionally. They are usually red or purple initially before progressively fading to a silvery-white color. They typically take over the abdomen, buttocks, upper legs, upper arms, shoulders, and busts. Stretch marks are generally related to pregnancy and weight problems.

Relying on the genetic propensity and skin fixing capacity, the intensity and extent of stretch marks vary between individuals. Both genders are affected with a slight female preponderance. Stretch marks happen due to irreversible dermal skin fibers, collagen, and elastin tears. Quit anticipating that they would undoubtedly vanish by themselves; it needs therapy to discolor them away.

Stretch Marks Removal With Secret RF

Stretch notes removal therapy with Secret RF at Oliva Clinic removes stretch marks on busts, hips, upper legs, legs, lower back, and various other body parts.

Secret RF is a bipolar micro-needling radiofrequency treatment that heats the skin’s lower layers to boost collagen manufacturing and remodeling. The repair occurs in the deeper skin layers while the upper layers remain unaffected.

Secret RF needs simply 4-8 sessions, spaced at regular monthly intervals, to provide optimal outcomes. It can also be given in combination with other treatments to improve results. The most effective part of Secret RF therapies for stretch marks is that they have NO downtime or recuperation duration. You can resume your typical activities practically right away after the procedure.

FAQ on Stretch Mark Reduction Treatment

Remote RF devices use micro-needles, which are minimally invasive to directly provide regulated heat into the deeper layers of the skin dermis. This warm stimulates brand-new collagen manufacturing and remodels and repairs services elastin fibers, thus fading the stretch marks effectively.

One can see significant adjustments upload the initial session itself. However, one would require 4-8 sessions spaced over a month for the complete fading of stretch marks.

Not. The procedure of Secret RF treatment for stretch mark elimination is pain-free. With the application of topical anesthetic or numbing lotion applied before the treatment, one would not feel any discomfort.